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The team at Yoke IT have developed core applications and integration solutions to support our client business systems. These are now standard methods that can be tailored to suit most most business requirements. Whether you need standard component or bespoke development for an in-house or mobile app, or to integrate existing systems,  give us a call, 1300 30 8897 or enquire.

Featured solutions being used by our clients:

Mavericks – DM – Document Manager

Yoke IT Mavericks is unique because it is a completely serviced, affordable Document Management System (DMS) solution. By minimising the need for internal IT support, Mavericks can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. more….

Pipeline – CRM – Customer Relationship and Management

Yoke IT Pipeline CRM is Customer Relationship Management software. The great management guru Peter Drucker once said that the sole purpose of any business is to create a customer. In todays competitive world, finding, convincing, selling and looking after your customers is the single most important thing for a successful business. Pipeline CRM software provides the tools you need to identify prospects, turn them into customers and manage the relationship. more….

Lighthouse – Backup

If your business data is important to you, our fully managed backup service will always keep it secure and available.  If you have ever experienced the disruption, cost and business impact of data loss or corruption, you’ll know just how important it is to protect your business information by backing it up regularly and securely. more…


We can develop App solutions and integrate them with your web sites through to complete e-commerce and social media or back-end business systems and databases.

Please contact us for a quotation.