Digital  Marketing


Reach out, engage and maximise ROI with Yoke Digital Marketing

Yoke Digital Marketing (DM) offers everything you need to create and send successful social media and email marketing campaigns. Deliver posts, blogs and emails, while managing your budget and tracking campaign results.  Additionally, we can build strategies to expand your social media network and presence, targeting individuals and groups, in line with the business strategy.

Start getting the most from your marketing campaigns with Yoke Digital. Our systems ensure that you get a better response from your marketing campaigns with end-to-end integration from your website, social media channels, direct subscribers, Google Analytics and your customer databases (e.g. CRM, EDI, ERP systems).







We use the latest digital marketing and data analytic tools to plan, design, deploy, analyse and optimise a dynamic campaign.

If you you are ready to get some ROI on your web investment and drive customers to your business call for a presentation, 1300 30 88 97 or contact us..