Mavericks – Document Management System

Yoke IT Mavericks is unique because it is a completely serviced, affordable Document Management System (DMS) solution. By minimising the need for internal IT support,Mavericks can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.

Our research has shown that other DMSs aren’t always embraced widely across an organisation because users find them too daunting to use. Acceptance of the DMS across the organisation, however, is essential for maximising the return on your investment. To address this problem, the Yoke ITMavericks intuitive user interface is designed to encourage 100% take-up.

Benefits of using Mavericks

Information value  Organisations placing a high value on corporate information, managing a document library, working cooperatively or with a project-based focus will all benefit from Mavericks combination of flexibility, control and security.

Effortless transition  The transition from your current system to Mavericks is made smoother because Mavericks is layered over your existing file structures. This means that existing documents are instantly accessible, as they do not need to be uploaded into the new corporate DMS.

Metadata inherent in the organisation’s file structures is captured by Mavericks and existing workflows and document management procedures remain valid. This supports rapid uptake by the user community.

Additionally, your Mavericks implementation can be configured to perform federated searches, allowing you to trawl data stored in other repositories across the organisation, including databases.

Inbuilt security  Allows for controlled and secure access to documents. Supports stand alone, as well as federated security with Microsoft Active Directory for single sign on. Index physical resources.  Mavericks can integrate indexes to hardcopy resources to support a comprehensive search experience. This is a unique feature of Mavericks, as it treats hard copy as seamlessly as soft copy.

Minimal internal IT support Mavericks offers a fully managed solution including back up, consistent monitoring and disaster recovery, which means that dependence on internal IT resources, is minimised.

Implementation options

Yoke IT can provide our clients with the following options:

ŸŸHosted Mavericks on our Class 1 Data Centre in Sydney, Australia

Deliver a full server solution as virtual machine ready for VMware or Hyper-V

Shared hosting solution for small business


Flexible features

Mavericks users manage all their retrieval and administrative tasks via a web browser. The familiar Explorer style interface displays the tree of the user’s authorised folders and files. Administrative options include:

Metadata. You can create up to thirty of your own metadata elements to associate with your files. Element data types include text and date fields, dropdown menus, checkboxes and radio buttons.

Security. Establishes user and group level security on files and folder assigning permission accordingly.

Monitoring. The System Administrator has a complete log of all activities to support information auditing and statistics. This helps the system administrator to maintain control and management of the information as well as a clear audit trail.

Contribute. A user may contribute a document they have authored to Mavericks. The Mavericks browser interface will lead the user through the creation of the appropriate metadata for their contribution (Name, Title, Subject, Creation Date, etc.).

Fast & Flexible search. This option includes advanced search technology such as synonyms and fuzzy logic. Documents may be searched on their metadata properties such as date and document content, or by full text. Multiple searches in one search session are facilitated by Mavericks Information Basket.


Function Description

Content search provides indexing, search and retrieval incorporating:


Fuzzy searching

Phonic searching

Synonyms (standard and user defined)

Date ranges

User defined meta data fields

File name search

Fast filename search.

Browse Familiar explorer style interface shows file tree for the user’s authorised folders and files. Display preferences include showing assigned metadata columns.
File/Asset Properties

Displays file/asset information including:


File Properties

Version history

Allows users (subject to access rights) to:

Check-out a file to gain exclusive access

Clear check-out status on a file

Download a file or project

Email a file or project

Delete a file or project

Edit file properties

Roll back to previous version(s)

Update version narrative

Create/update/edit/delete workflow on a document

Loan out and track hard assets


Upload a new file to the Mavericks:

Save new with file properties

Overwrite an existing document creating a new version

Check-in a file previously checked out


Shows download history including:

Recent downloads with version details and download date and check-in/check-out dates.

Files currently checked out to the logged on user.


Provides administrator access for:

Create/update/delete user accounts and group membership

Create/update/delete groups

Create/update/delete folders and group membership
Define metadata

Assign read/write permissions folders

Define version control numbering format

Define workflow numbering format

Review and manage audit settings and logs





Search Stemming, fuzzy, phonic, synonym, date range search

Select by user defined meta data

Sort results by any search (or meta data) field

Search includes user defined synonyms



Browse files by file tree

Folder and file display based on user security settings


File / Asset Properties

Show file specification details, email file

Read update meta data

File check-out / check-in status and by who

Version control – maintain multiple versions of same document

Workflow – process document workflow for review and approval processing
Loan out and track hard assets


Upload / Download

Drag and drop file loading

User defined meta data

Meta data profiles

File check-out / check-in

Upload/download history for log for each user


File Properties Manager Mavericks built in File Properties Manager

Create/update user accounts

Encrypted passwords

Assign users to groups

Assign folder and file groups

User security based on group membership

Version control numbering format

Version control management

Workflow management



Track upload/download history

Admin defined tracking of all Mavericks transactions


Application Plug-ins

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) for Windows


Security and Disaster Recovery

Hosted: Redundant RAID 5/6 Server

Off-site backup and recovery service

Fully managed on-site virtual machine (optional)