Pipeline – CRM

Yoke IT Pipeline CRM is Customer Relationship Management software. The great management guru Peter Drucker once said that the sole purpose of any business is to create a customer. In todays competitive world, finding, convincing, selling and looking after your customers is the single most important thing for a successful business. Pipeline CRM software provides the tools you need to identify prospects, turn them into customers and manage the relationship.

Our research has shown that other CRMs aren’t always embraced widely across the sales team because the sales team find them too daunting to use. Most CRM’s are organisation focused and basically data collection tools for the bean counters. Pipeline CRM differs substantially as it has been written to make the job of the sales person easier; from collecting and analysing prospects, to follow up and converting them into customers. Lead management, reminders, activity lists, and product/service/case management tools are all part of the package. Along with this comes easy data collection and management that will satisfy the most ardent bean counters.

Benefits of using Pipeline

Ease of use – designed for the sale team   In the often high pressure world of sales where getting the best performance from your pipeline to client management workflow is essential, Pipeline CRM provides an intuitive workflow that will suit most sales people in most industry sectors

Information value   Organisations placing a high value on corporate information, the Pipeline CRM will provide detailed and accurate data as well as the analytical tools to support the business strategic objectives.

Effortless transition   The transition from your current system to Pipeline is made smoother because Yoke IT have the skill and capability to help you manage the change. You can even layer Pipeline so that it will interface to existing systems like Xero and MYOB, as well as legacy CRMs such as Salesforce, Sugar, Seibel and many others; please contact us to discuss your requirements. We also integrate to your favourite email systems: Outlook, Exchange, and Google.

Metadata KPI’s are inherent in the organisation’s business model and captured by Pipeline and its workflows. This supports rapid uptake by the business users and the availability of data analytics for the business.

Inbuilt security  Allows for controlled and secure access to your customer database. Supports stand alone, as well as federated security with Microsoft Active Directory for single sign on and Google Business email.

Minimal internal IT support Pipeline offers a fully managed solution including back up, consistent monitoring and disaster recovery, which means that dependence on internal IT resources, is minimised.



Implementation options

Yoke IT can provide our clients with the following options:

ŸŸDedicated hosted Pipeline on our Class 1 Data Centre in Sydney, Australia

Dedicated hosted Pipeline in the Amazon Web Services Data Centre in Sydney, Australia

Shared hosting solution for small business


Flexible features

Pipeline users manage all their retrieval and administrative tasks via a web browser. The familiar interface is accessible from any fixed or mobile Internet device.

Explorer style interface displays the tree of the user’s authorised accounts..

Administrative options include:

Metadata. You can create your own metadata elements to associate with your customers, organisations, activities and assets. In fact user defined metadata can be associated with any of the main attributes.

Security. Establishes user and group level security on files and folder assigning permissions accordingly.

Monitoring. As System Administrator your have a complete log of all activities to support information management, analytics and statistics. This helps you to maintain control and management of all information.

Contribute. A user may contribute documents and other files they have authored to Pipeline and associate these with customers, organisations or activities.

Fast & Flexible search. This option includes advanced search technology. Data may be searched based on metadata properties such as date and attribute content, or by full text.

What you get

Function Items
Communications eMail



Social Media

Sales Contacts / People / Organisations


Prospect Analysis


Contracts Workflow

Activities / Cases / Tasks


Documents Upload

Contacts Upload

Account Management  Repeat Sales

Contract Management

Project Management

Output Sales Analysis

Corporate Data

Connect: Xero

Connect: custom i/o available to your other systems